I am now entering (what I hope to be) my last semester at Whitman College.  I’m only two weeks into the semester and I’m already having a strange flood of emotions and in some ways trying to pump the breaks on my experience here.  Thus far I’ve been reminded too many times that I’m on my way out.  The occasional “I’m going to miss you next year,” or “what are your plans for after college,” always are responded to with a quick change of topic in order to avoid facing the reality that I only have a few short months left here.  I was having a conversation with a friend last night who is a Sophomore and he asked me if I had any advice for him.  Instead of denying the fact that I was graduating and moving on I decided to embrace it and really share what I have learned from this college outside of the obvious degree I am pursuing. The biggest piece of advice I could give was that he should enjoy his time here, and not let himself become so overwhelmed with school work that he loses sight of the incredible opportunities provided by Whitman and the people that go here.  There are so many things to be accomplished here, and so many people to meet that to allow oneself to become holed up alone stressing about everything that needs to get done. 

With this little piece of knowledge in mind I realized that this still applies to me.  Second semester senior year, I’m only taking two academic classes, but I’ve got a senior project to work on, work to go to, and a whole lot of random little activities here and there.  It’s already feeling hectic and a touch overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun.  While I don’t really have a bucket list, my goal this semester is to make new friends, strengthen old ones, and make the best of my final semester here.  That’s really all I can do.  It’s scary, but exciting.  I think I’ve made plans to live with three different people in three different areas of the country… Who knows where I’m going to end up, but right now I’m not thinking about that. 

Here’s to a good semester!  Wish me luck!


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