One of the most surreal moments I have had this year was a brought about by Facebook just the other day.  One of my friends commented on a picture of me from one of the first days of first-year orientation standing next to my two housemates of this year.  It was such a bizarre experience think that at that moment in what may be the most awkward picture I am in none of us knew how close of friends we would become.  

I showed this picture to another of my housemates and we laughed about around that time we were both relatively resentful of the other.  I resented him for being roommates with my best friend  from my scramble(the third person in the picture and current housemate) and really one of the only people I knew on campus, and he resented me for already being friends with his roommate.  Since we had this common person that we would be spending a significant amount of time with over time, we ended up being around each other a lot.  

As time went on the three of us became great friends and are now living together in a house, and seeing this picture was a humbling experience.  College is crazy, and although at right away the people you meet are only acquaintances that you may be harboring resentment towards.  In four years, you might be the three best friends that anyone can have.  Seriously though… That picture is excruciatingly awkward.


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